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It's June, the month we celebrate Tomb Raider Chronicles

This game divides the classic fans, starting with the lack of idea in the story item and almost nothing of innovation compared to its predecessor.

Putting chronicles of different adventures of Lara from different times seemed like a good idea, so much so that it can be said that the game in its essence is fun, mixes action, horror, puzzles and many Boss fights, with very well produced and action-packed cutscenes .

Despite little innovation, we had many different elements in this game, like the horror set in the Irish level, where we played as teenage Lara with no weapon at all, explore the ocean in wetsuits and escape a sinking submarine and wear the catsuit to invade a high-tech company to recover an artifact.

All of this is somewhat different from what we were used to in the four previous titles and despite not having a very coherent story, it marked the end of a generation of consoles.

And to get the month of June off to a great start, here's artwork by Megan Lara, available in several resolutions.

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