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Lara Croft

Welcome to the complete story of Lara Croft, the legendary character that existed in the gaming world only but has spread in the wider cultural background. Throughout the history, Lara's refinement has been typically tied to the new gaming times. This page will elucidate the changes in her story from version to version, which include narrative and game design elements in her classics to recent reboots.

Lara Croft in Shadow of the Tomb Raider Cover

Reboot Biography

The 'reboot' era of Lara Croft, beginning with 2013's 'Tomb Raider' and continued throughout with "Rise of the Tomb Raider" and "Shadow of the Tomb Raider," demonstrates a younger, more inexperienced Lara. In this story, individual employs her determination and persistence to travel all the way to the icy heart of Russian Far East, beginning with her fresh archaeology degree. Adventure is filled with deterministic challenges, violent attempts, which result in her surviving initially, then becoming a ruthless and fearless explorer searching for Yamatai.

LAU Triology Biography

The LAU trilogy (Legend, Anniversary, Underworld) continue the Lara Croft characterization as a sharp-witted archaeologist who comes from a prestigious family origins. As the heiress to the Croft family, she faces a family legacy and questions that they could not answer about ancient civilizations. Lara becomes a combination of physical, mental, and willpower thus proving to be a multifaceted adventurer as she traverses the world unlocking the historical truths and wrestling the shady entities.

Lara Croft in Tomb Raider Underworld, thailand level
Lara Croft facing a skull

Classic Biography

The beginning of the series goes back to the first Tomb Raider (1996), this is where Lara Croft, the greatest archaeologist of all times, got her fame through supreme agility, and unwavering courage. Scanning the globe as a ditso independent adventurer, she tries to carry away any ancient artifacts she comes across on her exploration. In the recent Lara Croft is the heroine destined to helpless enemies by her combative nature, which rightfully earns her the title of the Royal strongest of the warrior.

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