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She is coming

On Wednesday of last week, it was officially announced on the official page of Tomb Raider that Lara would be in the campaign of the acclaimed game Call of Duty. And much to the delight of classic-era fans, Lara appeared over a cave in seemingly classical attire. With all this happening in the Tomb Raider universe, it's worth a reflection: will we have the essence of the classic games again?

The unification of the timeline and the unfolding of the character's story raises the question of whether this will fit in with previous games, and if it will overcome the trauma of many fans who value Lara's strong personality. Will she be back in Tomb Raider's grand return?

Available from September 9, 2023, the game's operator mode will feature a unified look and feel. In it, we will be able to see Lara with her dual pistols, her characteristic braid, the jade necklace, double chills and a fatal look. It got me excited to write this article.

So, did you like it? Can you imagine a new Tomb Raider game with that nostalgic vibe?


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