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This month we celebrate 20 years of the epic film - Tomb Raider Starring Angelina Jolie

This year is a huge milestone, Tomb Raider and Angelina Jolie fans are loyal and have preserved the film for over 2 decades.

About - Lara Croft - Tomb Raider

We at Lara Croft Fans are honored to publish articles about the film that premiered today, June 15, 2001, such as first impression reports of the film, previously unseen images for many fans, wallpapers, cell phone backgrounds,Videos, HD interviews and publications with trivia about the film.

And for those of you who are passionate about this work of art, here is some information and news about the film:

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider was directed by Simon West, director of acclaimed Hollywood films such as The General's Daughter, The Mercenaries among others. The main thing for Simon was to keep the personality, characteristics, among many other aspects generated around the world tomb Raider that were faithful to the franchise that at the time was already successful in the gamer world. Simon has chosen in detail every possible way to bring Lara Croft to the cinema so that it will be the most real and faithful for Tomb Raider fans.

What we expect from a film based on a video game work is that it will be as close as possible to what we usually see, and Simon didn't just bring elements, he wanted to bring a production within reach of making the franchise bigger than it already was, so asked Lawrence Gordon, the producer responsible for creating half of the special film, for help.

With a sweeping production and a budget of $115,000,000 (approximately).

The film in its first week of opening in the United States grossed $47,735,743 and worldwide the box office earned about $274,703,340 in profitability, making it one of the highest grossing action films based on video game.

With a high cost, the film had several locations to deliver to the audience several scenes inspired by the stages of the game Tomb Raider, Angkor Wat Cambodia, Siberia, England, Hong Kong, and the beautiful Hatfield House, which served as location for Croft Manor.

The Choice - Who would play Lara Croft?

Angelina Jolie

The perfect choice.

Among other actresses such as Sandra Bullock, Ashley Judd, Drew Barrymore, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Christina Applegate, Nicole Eggert, Elizabeth Hurley, and even Anna Nicole Smith were considered for the role.

Simon went to great lengths to get Angelina Jolie to accept the role of archaeologist.

Angelina was already winner of an Oscar, globe and gold and other awards that had already established her as a great Hollywood actress. Daughter of actor Jon Voigth, who plays Lord Richard Croft as her father. Simon had to deal with several trade-offs in bringing Angelina Jolie to play Lara Croft in his film.

Angelina Jolie at the height of her fame, had not yet considered accepting the role, and rumors pointed out that because Simon chose her for her behavior, attitude and physical characteristics similar to Lara Croft, Angie (Angelina) did not want stereotypes that appears before her. her embody the character. Angelina wanted to be Lara Croft.

Soon Angelina accepted the role and was considered the actress who would play Lara Croft in the movie Tomb Raider.

Positively accepted by the public and fans, Angelina Jolie managed to deliver not only a great performance, but also the charisma and sarcasm that the character has always shown in the franchise's games.

Of course, being a film based on a game, the film would need to emulate a lot of its counterpart. As such, details could be noticed by fans, such as when butler Hillary (Christopher Barrie) protects himself with a tray, or when Croft (Jolie) utters “A-ha” when meeting the wolves in the movie, and in games for each item discovered by her, the adventurer lets her expression go. In addition, of course, to the protagonist's own movement and posture, such as drawing weapons in the middle of a jump, the way to dive into the water and backward somersaults, all famous movements for the experienced player. For that, Angelina Jolie needed yoga and kickbox classes to prepare for the role. She also learned how to handle weapons.


Angelina Jolie trained for six months to get in shape for the film.

The actress was extremely hesitant to wear the character's short shorts in the opening scene, in which she trains with the robot Simon. Eventually she agreed to use them knowing that it would make fans of the game happy.

Angelina ended up getting injured while filming the bungee-ballet. She did her own scenes, dispensing with stunts, and in the very first take she injured her ankle when landing incorrectly on the chandelier. Filming had to stop and the scene had to be re-recorded after recovery from the accident. Angelina who confirmed what happened at the time in an interview with ET.

One of the best curiosities about this movie is that:

Angelina agreed to make the first film because of the locations, and the places she would visit. She fell in love with Cambodia, and ended up moving there to help with social causes later.

During and after filming, Angelina created an immense emotional bond across the country, and it was also there that she met and ended up adopting her first child, Maddox, now 19 years old.

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider - was nominated for 21 awards, being winner of 4.

Additional Information

A popular video game comes to the screen with this big-budget adventure starring Angelina Jolie as a buxom heroine recalling equal parts Indiana Jones and James Bond. Jolie is Lara Croft, a proper British aristocrat groomed at schools for the children of the elite. Croft leads a double life, however, as an acquirer of lost antiquities through questionable means, highly trained in combat skills with the help of a robotic opponent called Simon. Despite her exciting profession and a life of wealth and breeding, Lara pines for her father, Lord Croft (Jon Voight), whose passing left her orphaned. On the eve of a celestial event that will also mark the anniversary of Lord Croft's death, Lara comes up against an ancient organization called the Illuminati, represented by the sinister Powell (Iain Glen), who's in pursuit of an ancient relic with power over time and even death itself. With the aid of her high-tech support team, Lara travels to some exotic locales in search of the artifact, including a foray into a decrepit Asian temple guarded by lethal stone apes and other creatures that spring to life.

Filmed at various locations in Great Britain as well as Iceland and the Angkor Wat temples of Cambodia, Tomb Raider co-stars Noah Taylor, Chris Barrie, Daniel Craig, Rachel Appleton, Leslie Phillips, Mark Collie, and Julian Rhind-Tutt.Karl Williams, Rovi

Rating: PG-13 (for action violence and some sensuality) Genre: Action & Adventure, Science Fiction & Fantasy Directed By: Simon West Written By: Mike Werb, Patrick Massett, John Zinman, Simon West, Michael Colleary In Theaters: Jun 15, 2001 Wide On Disc/Streaming: Nov 13, 2001 Box Office: $129,512,407 Runtime: 93 minutes Studio: Paramount Pictures

To close this article, we gathered information, images, screenshots, several references obtained to disseminate. As promised, we made a gallery on our website with some images that you might have seen and not seen by you. Concept arts, and sketch footage of Lara's outfit also got footage not yet seen by many fans.

The images were edited by Lara Croft Fans Web Master - Marcos Alves to bring you Tomb Raider and Angelina Jolie fan, quality and use for any purpose, whether as wallpaper, background of your cell phone etc. The ALAMY website has about 300 photos from the backstage of the film, we managed to capture some that for many will be images never seen.

We hope you enjoyed it, and that you can share it as you wish.

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