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Tomb Raider Tribute by Lorenzo CGI

Impeccable work.

If you are one of our followers, you have probably seen several times we quote the great artist Lorenzo.

Among several other projects he created, this was one of the most daring. With elements and plot of the game Tomb Raide The Last Revelation, Lorenzo brought in addition to Lara the enigmatic mentor of the archaeologist, Werner Von Croy.

Responsible for bringing Lara Croft in the style of computer graphics using the graphics of the Unreal Engine he never disappoints.

He uses as a model the actress Angelina Jolie who twice played Lara in theaters.

Without spoilers, we would like you to also enjoy this wonderful project. Link on Lorenzo’s main page available on YouTube.

Watch the link below.

Like and comment on the page to help you engage this wonderful work that has been granted to us Tomb Raider fans.




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