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Brand archetype. Important even in Tomb Raider.

It is present in everyone's life, but not everyone realizes that they exist. Today, nothing is created by chance. There is always a reason to create identity and emotional connection with consumers. To do this strategically, many serious companies and individuals rely on archetypes. Marketing experts can shape the characteristics and values of brands effectively by doing so.

Right, Lucas. But what are archetypes? Carl Gustav Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist, says they are universal patterns of behavior and personality that evoke deep emotional responses, providing a powerful form of communication that consumers can easily identify and relate to. They are universal images and patterns derived from the collective unconscious and are the psychic counterpart of instinct. There are a total of 12 archetypes. And believe it or not, it is possible that we all have a bit of all of them within us, but generally, there is always one that stands out more than the others.

It was then that two authors, Margaret Mark and Carol S. Pearson, in their book "The Hero and the Outlaw," brought Jung's concept into the world of brands.

Among the widely recognized 12 brand archetypes, we have the Creator, Caregiver, Ruler, Jester, Everyman, Lover, Hero, Outlaw, Magician, Innocent, Explorer, and Sage.

And in your opinion, which archetype does our favorite game heroine, Lara Croft, fit best? You must be, like me, in doubt whether she can be an Outlaw when she decides not to follow the standards of wealthy British families, dress like a lady, or have tea at 5 o'clock punctually with her fancy friends, or the Hero archetype, symbolizing the person who perceives a problem in the world and feels an inner calling to solve that problem, or the perfect embodiment of the Explorer archetype, evoking the excitement of exploration, discovery, and the pursuit of the unknown?

In my opinion, she has all three, certainly, but at different times. But what best showcases her personality, her way of being, is the Explorer archetype. As a great Tomb Raider, the fearless and courageous archaeologist Lara Croft is always ready to face dangerous expeditions in search of lost treasures and ancient secrets. Her adventures in exotic environments have captured the imagination of millions of players worldwide.

The archaeologist personifies several key characteristics of the Explorer archetype. She is brave, determined, and fearlessly confronts dangers. Her main motivation is the pursuit of knowledge and truth, driving her to explore remote places and face deadly perils. Additionally, Lara Croft is skilled, intelligent, and adaptable, qualities that help her overcome obstacles and solve complex puzzles.

Lara Croft has also become an inspirational figure for many players. She represents the human capacity to overcome adversity, persist in the face of difficulties, and achieve great feats. Her independence, athletic abilities, and intelligence make her an example of female empowerment in the world of gaming.

The Tomb Raider brand also utilizes the Explorer archetype to create an engaging and authentic identity. By incorporating Lara Croft's personality traits, the brand conveys excitement, adventure, and a sense of discovery. Players are transported to imaginary worlds around the globe, where they can experience the thrill of facing dangers and unraveling mysteries.

Through identification with the Explorer archetype and the character of Lara Croft, the Tomb Raider brand has established a lasting emotional connection with its audience since 1996, including myself. Players feel inspired and motivated to explore their own potential, just like Croft.

Brand archetypes are powerful tools for creating identity and emotional connection with consumers, whether in film, advertising, or games. By incorporating archetypes like the Explorer, brands can create a compelling and authentic narrative that resonates with the target audience, establishing a lasting and meaningful connection.

Creating a lasting and meaningful connection is something that Tomb Raider and its brand persona, Lara Croft, do well. In fact, very well.

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