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Less news. More expectations.

Until now we haven’t heard any news about our favorite franchise. We just have to wait patiently and speculate.

As you know, Tomb Raider was sold to the Embracer group fews months ago and we fans haven’t heard any news for a long time. Everything is “business as usual”.

It was announced that a new Tomb Raider game is being developed completely in Unreal 5, that allows the game to be rendered in real time and with rich details and high fidelity, with a range of at least 60 FPS and, most importantly, there will be features aimed at dynamic lighting and also a micro-polygon geometry system that creates an amount of geometric detail, which contributes to the game's level of reality. They are known as Lumen and Nanite, respectively.

That technical part is very interesting to us, but, as fans, we want to see something that new generation games often lack; “a incredible story”. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing an incredible visual game if you don’t have a well done story, mostly a story that allows you to have a unique experience. Having Tomb Raider in a new company’s hands could be a breath of fresh air.

You have probably read on here what we want to see in a new game. For example, it could be refreshing to see Lara Croft act on motivations that extend beyond her father. We want to see action, adventure, new tombs, and some little details that call back to the classic games, like Lara’s braid - or a option to change the braid - the classic outfit and pistols, and, as icing on the cake, a main character who is stronger, more confident, a little sarcastic and who has more personality.

Our idea here is not to compare, but to draw upon the essence of modern characters, like Ellie, Joel and Abbey, from The Last of Us; Drake and Cloe, from Uncharted; Aloy, from Horizon; and other games, and use this essence to tell a great, new story about Lara Croft. Those games are a little part of a great universe with incredible main characters that are living inside our hearts, just as Lara Croft is. What you want is to see improvements to her character that will bring out the qualities that made her the most iconic heroine in the whole gaming world.

Embracer Group, let the fans be heard. They can help and “they know” what is best for the franchise.

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