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Tomb Raider writer wants to see a different Lara Croft. And we too.

In the last few weeks we were graced with the news that a new game in the Tomb Raider series is on the way, being developed - again - by Crystal Dynamics, in Unreal Engine 5, Epic Games' new graphics engine. And that made us very happy, because this new technology takes games to another level and makes the player's experience even better, in addition, of course, to presenting us with a contemplative cinematic look, which we love so much.

Days later, the writer of the latest Tomb Raider trilogy, Rhianna Pratchett, during an interview, revealed that she is not working on the new game in the franchise, but expressed a desire that is in line with what we, at Lara Croft Fans, think, that the main character should have less motivations linked to her father, and, yes, more motivations of the character herself that shows a safer side of our favorite archaeologist. In the interview, she tells a little about the character's growth process, which was necessary in the last three games.

“I like to see Lara Croft acting for herself and having a little joy in what she does. Because when we wrote the reboot, she was still on her way to becoming a Tomb Raider. And all the traits that you associate with the game, like bravery, tenacity and resourcefulness, were kind of starting to emerge. I want to see things I would have loved to have written. But, you know, she wasn't at that stage yet, she didn't have confidence yet. It will be exciting to see what they do next.”

The Tomb Raider franchise was born 26 years ago and the element that most served as a backdrop for the character's stories was Lara's relationship with her Father, both in games, comics and even in the movies. This intertextualization was interesting, it was necessary, but it’s done. Now, we would like to see a stronger, more self-assured character that shows all her charisma, an important element in the connection with the player.

Lara Croft will always live in our hearts, especially from the older players, but in this dynamic world we live in, where new strong characters appear every year in incredible franchises, in addition to new players, it's important to be aware of what's new, what innovates. , in which it connects. People connect with people. And we, of course, want to reconnect with this character that we love to admire.

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