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Unleashing Adventure: The Tomb Raider Experience Seattle Unveiled

Updated: Mar 28

Crystal Dynamics announced today, along with the official Instagram page, the collaboration with Hourglass Attractions LLC to bring not only fans, but for everyone a new and unique experience for adventurers who enjoy a great challenge. At a launch event, the responsible company brought the coveted cosplay Phia, artist and cosplay of several characters who manages to bring realism and a lot of veracity of the character to real life.

After the success in London, England with Tomb Raider - The Live Experience, the TOMB RAIDER franchise has been growing more and more and drawing attention not only in the gamer space, but to people who seek experience outside the consoles as well.

The official website informs that the creators of the attraction are from the same team that designed the escape rooms Evil Dead and Arkham Horror: Mystery at Innsmouth.

Titled and confirmed as: The Tomb Raider Experience Seattle: Escape from the Temple of Fire will be an epic and action-packed experience, where bold adventurers will join Lara Croft in her exploration of a mysterious temple that deteriorated after a volcano erupted, but inside it has a dangerous artifact that is hidden within its old walls.

Below is the description of the presentation of the great adventure:

Map of the Temple of Fire Escape Room in Seattle

Travel under a Chilean volcano, explore an ancient temple, find clues and solve puzzles, all while being hunted by Natla Technologies. But beware: something even more dangerous than evil scientists can dwell in those forgotten halls — something huge, burning... and hungry.

If you are in the city, don't waste time and go live this experience.

More information soon on the official website and on our page.

Unified Lara Croft Cosplay

Stay tuned.


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