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25 years of history. 25 years of legacy. Tomb Raider was born to shine

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

25 years ago, one of the greatest characters in all of history was born... from games, comics, cinema and my own history.

In 1997, at the height of my 12 years old, I already loved games with all my strength. Unfortunately, I didn't have the financial means to have a console at home, so I managed to ask the parents for money for lunch at school, but in fact, it was to go to a video store (very common in Brazil), to play video game. At that time, I was addicted to games like Donkey Kong, Super Mario and games like that. Until then, games on the revolutionary Playstation 1 still didn't appeal to me. But there was one, in particular, that won my heart immediately.

My first contact with Tomb Raider, which was Tomb Raider II, in 1997, when my brother-in-law needed me to take care of the Lan House he had - here in Brazil, it's a place where people who didn't have a computer could use to do your work, browse the internet, or simply play games).

It was a half empty day, so, as I didn't need to see anyone, I stayed there, looking at the games they had. And one, in particular, visually caught my eye. It was a beautiful woman, holding a pistol imposingly, with a beautiful logo written Tomb Raider II - Starring Lara Croft, behind her. It was love at first sight. I've always loved archeology, ruins and history in general. Imagining playing a game that has it all got me excited.

When I put it on the computer and started playing, it was a mixture of surprise and excitement. It's as if I'm the very archaeologist who has just discovered something very important to the history of the world. From my world.

The graphics, gameplay, soundtrack, atmosphere of the game were revolutionary and captivating. I loved every detail of that game. The CG scenes, for me, were close to perfection (Oh my God, I'm even afraid of what I'm going to think of the graphics I love today, 10 years from now. Lol).

Everything enchanted me, but, I confess, the main character captivated me even more. Lara Croft has entered my heart forever and, to this day, is part of a very considerable space. What an amazing character, my God. It was not only, but still is, very important to the gaming world.

Since my first contact with Tomb Raider, in 1997, I've never stopped following news about the franchise. It's 2021, and I still love every detail of the game and its amazing character.

If I was at a newsstand, for example, and I had a magazine with a Lara Croft sticker, I would buy it. I even had dozens of magazines with subjects about the game.

In 2000, I saw the first trailer for the movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, at a time when there was still no YouTube. My God, what a delight to see all that happening on the big screen. Then, a second passion entered my life, that, to this day, also occupies an important place in my heart. Angelina Jolie was Lara Croft herself, at the classic time. Incredible.

Even with some "mistakes" and important successes, Tomb Raider and Lara Croft, during these 25 years of trajectory, left - and still leaves - a great legacy... in the lives of many people and, of course, in mine too.

Me, as a super fan, am so happy that this important franchise remains alive; but also anxious, waiting for everything she can bring to the gaming universe and more out there….

Come on, Lara Croft and Tomb Raider I'm ready to the news.



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