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BAFTA Games Awards Lara Croft: Triumph as the Most Iconic Video Game Character

The election for the most iconic video game character in history at the BAFTA Games Awards brought an great surprise: A symbol of an embodiment feminism, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider became a female counterpart to Nintendo's (p) Super Mario and Naughty Dog's Nathan Drake, establishing herself in the pop culture universe.

No less than 4,000 voting gamers from the worldwide community made BAFTA Games Awards pick an esteemed video game character. Only Lara Croft! This prize being awarded is simply a symbol denoting that the blacksmiths have enjoyed a full twenty years of recognition in the gaming world. From the day she first appeared in 1996, Lara engaged not only the games but movies too as well as series on TV making even live actual experiences possible. Her achievements include breaking into 15 shows, three motion pictures, (numerous novelizations and comic adaptations) and Guinness World Records having certified her with six Guinness World Records.

Lara Croft in Tomb Raider 1

In the race for the number one spot, Mario and Agent 47 will have a chance to prove their worth and claim the second and third position respectively, confirming the extent of missions and adventures in the gaming world. BAFTA used this opportunity of its 20 years anniversary to dedicate it to these colossal cineasts of the past who were the stalwarts in the industry.

Lara Croft’s win at BAFTA as the best known video game costume portrays not only her timelessness but even the history of gaming becoming the most significant part of modern pop culture. With the original voice of Lara, Shelley Blond, attending the 2024 ceremony, the legacy of Tomb Raider continues to inspire and thrill fans worldwide.


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