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Gameplay of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider shows us a more experienced and somber Lara Croft.

What we’ve just saw in Microsoft's presentation at E3 was simply amazing. All the presented scenes of the gameplay were intriguing and left us with an overwhelming desire to play … like now.

The gameplay begins with Lara and her friend Johan chatting around the typical bonfire of games, and Lara tells him that she saw the end, which was so vivid, that now the truth seems to be further from the never and still has so many doubts.

In the sequel, Lara picks up an artifact and says she can not drop it into Trinity's hands and then a man appears, possibly the villain, who blames Croft for what happened and claims to be the purification to stop the apocalypse. From there we are hit with some apocalyptic scenes, where Lara asks to herself, "What did I do?" And leaves the fans with the flea behind the ear: Lara Croft, who has always saved the world from dangers, has just caused one? Actually this will be a game that will surprise us a lot, in every way. Finally, Lara and Johan say that one needs to trust the other after saying that "He wants to change the course of humanity." "If you had that power, what would you do?"

A question that leaves the atmosphere of the game even more instigating. And by the way, we see that Lara was inserted in, part in Mexico, in the typical celebration called Day of the Dead; and part of a forest, possibly Peru, leads us to believe that this is undoubtedly Lara Croft's darkest adventure, with many corporate fights, shots, arrows, explosions, dangerous enemies, stabbings, ambushes, and not could be left out, valuable artifacts and many puzzles. A much smarter, more experienced and full of attitude, within a game full of new dark challenges. And this is evidenced in some scenes of the game, where we can see two side of Lara by the screen divided to the same, showing us the two sides of the archeologist. All this gets better with Trills, “Speak Loud”.

Lara, arguably, seems more real and full of energy. All the scenes in which she appears show a more fluid character with graphic details that border to perfection. This applies to the game as a whole. The look is stunning. The graphics are so good that in parts of the game, you wonder if we are even seeing the gameplayer or if we are still watching the computer graphics scenes created to launch the game trailer.

And then, if you had the power to change the course of humanity, what would you do? Answer to Lara Croft Fans here in the comments?



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