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In Brazil? Not this time!

If you are Brazilian, and expected Shadow of the Tomb Raider to finally happen in Brazil, we are sorry to say that unfortunately it was not this time, my friend.

Several people had the chance to play first-hand the new game of the series in London and reported that the game is beautiful, full of Atlantic forest, but not the Brazilian.

At the beginning of the adventure, Lara and Jonah are in Cozumel, Mexico, tracing the footsteps of Dr. Domingues, head of a secret organization, who is looking for an artifact that can create a catastrophe in the world.

Analyzing a map with the possible destination, Brazil was even mentioned by Trinity as a possible route, but, calculating better, they concluded that the final destination is in South America, but in Peru.

It is worth remembering that the Country has already served as the backdrop for the Tomb Raider franchise, with Tomb Raider Legend being the last adventure.



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